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A series of random assaults between June of 1989 and April of 1990 occurring in the residential neighborhoods surrounding the Ohio State University campus prompted the need for additional eyes and ears to assist the police officers assigned to the area. The primary purpose of CCP is to deter crime in an area of Columbus with one of the highest population density rates in the State of Ohio. The patrollers provide escorts, distribute crime prevention information, report environmental hazards, and assist motorists, in addition to reporting criminal and suspicious behavior.

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The number of random assaults has decreased substantially and the Columbus Police Officers assigned to this precinct believe that the patrollers have had a deterrent effect on crime. Area residents have been interviewed and have stated that they feel safer with the patrollers in the area. An added dimension to CCP's foot patrols is a mountain bike patrol consisting of two to four patrollers on bikes who patrol the entire CCP service area.

Funding for CCP - University District/South Clintonville is provided by the City of Columbus and The Ohio State University. In-kind support is provided by the Columbus Division of Police. CCP is the only project of its kind because it provides services off-campus and is supported by multiple jurisdictions, (the city and the largest state-supported university) both of whom have worked cooperatively throughout its development, implementation, and day-to-day operations.