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Significant Incident
A significant incident is any situation patrollers become involved in and the police or fire department become involved in some way as well. On every monthly report, the number of signifcant incidents is given and a description of each follows below the table.
This category can take many forms. Anytime a patroller gives some sort of helpful information (bus times, park hours etc...) or assists a person in some way, it is counted in this category. Some common examples of these include giving information about CCP to people who are curious and pushing stuck cars out of the snow during the winter.
Code Violations
While on patrol, patrollers keep an eye out for violations to Columbus' zoning codes. Violations that are found are then reported to the city via The City of Columbus Call Center. Some common things that are called include excessive trash in yards, unsecure vacant structures, and indoor furniture outside.
People who don't want to walk alone across one of the areas we patrol will often see our patrollers out and ask to walk with them. The unit will then walk with that person to their destination, keeping an eye out for their well-being.
While on patrol, patrollers also keep an eye out for environmental hazards. These are also reported to the city via The City of Columbus Call Center. Examples of these include water leaks, stop lights and street lights that are burnt out, gas leaks, severely damaged sidewalks, and missing or damaged street signs.
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